Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Dark Saturday...

I always stop and pause today.

We know Easter's coming. We know the Son will rise tomorrow, life has won, and death is no more.

But the disciples of Jesus didn't know it.

Jesus had spoken about it - cryptically, in stories and strange examples - but this wasn't really supposed to happen. Was it?

The friends of Jesus weren't decorating their sanctuaries with lilies, and preparing baked ham and chocolates for a Sunday feast. Instead, I imagine them huddled in a room, hiding themselves from the anger that had erupted just a day ago. I imagine them afraid, confused, and heartbroken...

I think we need to think about this experience for two reasons:

#1. It's the truth of the story.

and #2. There are so many living like this today.

Without hope.
Without light.
Believing that death has actually won.

They don't know Easter is coming. They might not even know that Easter is a possibility.

So today, I encourage you to lift a prayer for those who are living in the shadow of Good Friday.

Fear not, my friend. Sunday is coming...

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