Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Recording "You Are..."

Back in the studio for another great night of vocals!

Tonight we focused on "You Are..." - a song Gerald wrote for me. We played it at The Gathering one night, and Rev. Anne called it a "love song" for God, which was a perfect description. It has a soaring melody, and Denny created a gorgeous instrumental track for it.

So tonight, all I had to do was be in the moment, and sing this beautiful love song. I did three full takes, and then we did a little bit of detail work on the second verse. This verse is thick with emotional imagery, so we wanted to make sure that the performance was really telling this piece of the story.

After I finished my lead, Gerald jumped in the booth to do some lovely harmonies for the chorus. I feel so good about what were able to do tonight. I've been teaching a lot lately and that can be vocally tiring, so we've really focused on Gerald's vocals in the last few sessions. Tonight has left me feeling energized and ready to lay down the rest of these songs!

Next session - Friday!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great.

Looking forward to hearing the completed version of this song and ALL the others.