Saturday, June 09, 2012

Recording the Vocals...

We've now got three vocal sessions under our belt. The first one really was an exercise in experimentation - how do we capture the sound we love live in the unique setting of the studio?

This week, we've focused on Gerald's solo vocals. He's done some lead vocals on songs from both our Infinitely More project and his solo CD. He's just sounding great, and the more he does, the better he sounds.

Carmon and Gerald working out parts with guitars in hand...

Recording is such a different beast than performing live. Everything feels vaguely odd - no audience, the mic is different, people staring at you through a window...

And in the worst moments, you can start to feel very self conscious - "Oh no! This is being recorded! If I mess up, people will hear my mistakes... forever!!!!"

We're just trying to be relaxed about things - to remember that this is a crazy time, but a time to savour every moment.

Next week, on to my vocals!

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