Sunday, May 01, 2011

The Gathering and Surface

Our 3-church-Sunday continued with The Gathering at St. John's York Mills. Tonight, we began a 5 week mission featuring the inspired preaching of Guy Chevreau. Guy has preached around the world, and I'm really excited to hear his story and message.

After a wonderful time of worship at St. John's, we had a quick turnaround before heading to St. Clement's for Surface. This intimate Eucharist blends scripture, prayer, poetry, and music for a relaxed and inspiring evening worship. The music was an eclectic mix, and I was reminded of Louis Giglio's thought, "All music is worship music, but who are you worshiping?"

Images and stained glass at Surface

The theme for the service was Hope Filled With Doubt. Finding songs that reflected that human contradiction was a challenge. For our congregational songs, we chose "Here Comes the Sun," "Stand By Me," and "Your Grace is Enough." I sang Martina McBride's "Anyway" as a song of reflection. During Communion, Gerald sang his song, "A Prayer Will Find You."

Today was crazy busy, with over 30 different songs on the palette. But it was a wonderful day, filled with great energy, wonderful people, and inspired worship.

Monday = day off!

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