Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Christian New Year!

Happy Christian New Year! Today marks the Sunday known as Advent 1, which is the start of the Christian year. We have only four Sundays til Christmas, and it's gonna fly by!

This was the one Sunday this trip that I couldn't book us anywhere, and it really worked out okay.

Last night, we sang for the Christmas dinner for Bethany Evangelical Missionary Church in Kitchener. I didn't know all these details til last night, but the pastor, who has a radio show, discovered me on Radioactive Airplay! You never know where people will find you! The dinner was held on the campus of U. of Waterloo, where Gerald attend school in his younger days. The world became smaller when we realized that, years ago, one of the men at the table had attended a theatre production at U. of W., starring Gerald!

The food for the meal was prepared by the Mennonite cooks who run the cafeteria, and it was awesome! After each course, Gerald and I would lead the crowd in a few carols. After dessert (huge pieces of homemade pie and ice-cream!), we did a 45 minute concert. I did some songs from Real Big Fan, and then Gerald joined me for some Christmas songs. We ended with a duet version of Gerald's "My Heart is the Manger." How much do I love singing this song?

It was a great night, we were well received, and we've already been invited back! No complaints here.

We were pretty tired this morning, so I was just as happy to have the chance to visit Dad's new church in Guelph. He just started this interim position a few weeks ago. The church is huge and old and gorgeous! This morning was the Advent Carol Service of hymns and readings, and it was beautiful. At the end of the service, we all gathered in the chancel to sing for the Amazing Grace Project. To hear everyone singing in that tight little gathering just gave me shivers! I've been in touch with one of their wardens about singing there next spring, so it was good to see the place and meet some of the people face to face.

The rest of the day was spent eating sushi and celebrating my birthday with friends. Lovely!

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