Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Book Review: Always Know..., by Melinda Estabrooks

 Full warning: we are about to enter Book Review Season!!!

I had already signed up to review three - yes, three! - books for Nuts About Books, 
when I saw this tempting offer jump on my screen: 

Who wants to join the book launch team for Melinda Estabrooks's latest creation?
Oh, and several of your friends are contributors??

Easy YES!!!

So, for those keeping count, that's four reviews coming to you over the new two months. 

So. Much. YAY!!!

Let me tell you, I always love getting a free book in the mail, but if you really want me to love your book before I even open it, this is the way to send it: bright envelope, fancy magnet, pretty note, and yes, those shiny gold things are candy! *bliss* 

Always Know... is the book-child of See Hear Love, Melinda's inspiring talk show for women of faith. After hearing so many incredible stories on the show, Melinda asked 50 of her favourite guests to contribute to Always Know...

The writers range from pastors to artists to community leaders. Their topics cover such areas as worship, leadership, mental health, and racism. The challenge in a book like this is always going to be consistency, but I can honestly say I enjoyed every piece! Some spoke directly into my life and experiences. Those that didn't still provided so much inspiration and empathy.

The format of this book allows you to use it for personal reflection, or in a group setting. You can read it in a single sitting (testify!) or take it day-by-day as a devotional.

Each piece is followed by a "Reflection" and "Takeaway", encouraging you to dig deeper and apply the lessons of the story to your own life. The writer's bio is also on the same page, allowing you to have a bit of context for the author's perspective. I found myself looking up websites and signing up for mailing lists on my favourite pieces!

I highly recommend reading Always Know... with a pencil! I turned down pages, underlined passages, and took copious notes. I know I'll revisit certain chapters again and again.

This book was birthed in the pandemic. I couldn't help but wonder how many of the writers wondered if their pieces would still be relevant upon the book's release. And yet, here we are, still struggling through masks and distancing and far-too-many Zoom calls... 

Always Know... arrives just at the right time. 
It's a shot in the arm (groan for the vaccine-pun) of much needed hope and encouragement.

I fully recommend getting a copy for yourself, 
as well as stuffing them in a few Easter baskets!

To purchase you own copy or to learn more about Always Know... 

please visit

A copy of Always Know... was provided at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review.

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