Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Worship Wednesdays - Sing of Advent!

Last week, we shared some of our favourite congregational Advent songs.

Sometimes, it's important to sing for people - to give them a chance to pause, listen, and process the message in a different way.

Here are some of our favourite Advent songs for soloists, duos, band, and choir. These songs explore themes of longing, transformation, and anticipation. Enjoy, and please feel free to add your own favourites in the Comments section:

My Deliverer 

Written by the great Rich Mullins, we've performed this both as a duo, and similar to the video performance, with a soloist on the verses and a choir on the choruses.
If you have a children's choir, even better!

A Change Is Gonna Come

Bringing non-worship songs into a worship setting is a great way to look at themes from a new perspective. And let's face, there's always a good reason to listen to Sam Cooke!


I love this song by Kathryn Scott. You can sing it anytime, but I really feel it captures the desire and anticipation of Advent.

Deliver Us

We love the sparseness of this song - a simple, plaintive cry for the Advent season.

We hope you're enjoying a blessed Advent season! 
Please leave your thoughts in the Comments section below.

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