Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Covenant Awards

Last night was the big night! Talented Christian singers, musicians, songwriters, and producers from across the country gathered at the Crossroads Television Studios for the annual Covenant Awards. Sponsored by the Gospel Music Association of Canada, the Covenants represent the highest honour in the Canadian Christian music industry.

Last year, we were excited to join the party for the first time. 
Last night, we were honoured and humbled to attend as 3-time Nominees.

Since receiving the news of our nominations, we've received many messages of love and support, and we're so grateful for every single one. We were nominated in categories stocked with amazing and accomplished talent, so we had no expectations of winning.

But cliches are around for a reason - it truly is an honour just to be nominated.

We didn't prepare any thank you speeches, but since we have this platform, 
we want to take a minute and say:

Thank You 
- to each and every person who has been and continues to be a part of our music and our ministry
- to everyone who bought a CD or downloaded a song
- to each person who hosted or attended a concert
- to Denny Martin and Carmon Barry who produced our nominated CDs
- to our friends who encourage and love us
- to Helen, Hollis, Sandy, & Gerry - our wonderfully supportive parents
- and most of all, to the God who called us to this crazy life of music ministry, who continues to surprise us at every turn, and who - despite our doubts, questions, fears, and struggles - holds us so securely in the palm of His hand

Congratulations to all the Winners & Nominees! 
We took some photos to capture the night! 
You can see them HERE.

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