Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Joy & Challenges of Recording...

The busiest month of my life was January, 1999. Toronto residents will remember that winter as the year the snow was so bad the city called in the army reserves to haul it out.

In 31 short days, I:

  • moved into my first solo apartment
  • booked and shot a commercial
  • booked and shot a short film
  • booked and started full-time rehearsals for Tony & Tina's Wedding at Second City
  • taught preschool 5 mornings a week
  • sang as a soloist for a church choir every Sunday

Why mention the snow? Because, not only did I spend the month walking and taking transit through several feet of it, but the snow banks were so high that all we could move into my apartment was a cot, a TV, and an armchair.

I remember walking down King St. to a dress rehearsal at Second City and feeling incredibly disoriented. "Ah," I thought, "This is what it feels like to be sleep deprived."

I thought of this time period last week, because I found myself overwhelmed at our current schedule and thought, "When is the last time I was this busy?"

January, 1999.

Recording these CDs will probably go down in our family history as one of our greatest challenges ever. Taking on 2 CDs at once is crazy at any time, but add in 3 weeks worth of lost recordings due to studio issues, 2 weeks of laryngitis for me, and all the other things that have needed to be done, and I think it's fair to say it's been a bit wild.

Our days have been filled with long studio sessions, hours of listening to mixes, arranging photo shoots and graphic design, getting everything in place with the manufacturer, mastering the projects, planning our August tour, teaching baby music, and of course, and planning, rehearsing, and playing 2 church services a week. Oh, and did I mention I signed up for an 8-week Musicians Summer School to study music marketing?

Needless to say, we're tired, a little overwhelmed, and a frightfully antisocial.

But I'll also say this: 

We're inspired, excited, and tremendously hopeful 
about the future of our CDs! 

"Every Church is a Small Town" is full of amazing songs played by incredible Nashville players. Gerald really sang the you-know-what out of them, and the mixing created a CD that sounds ready for the radio. I know people will be inspired by Gerald's song-stories of love and hope.

"Infinitely More" is so much larger, bolder, and moving than either one of us ever imagined (asked or imagined?) Every piece - from musicians to harmonies to mixes - has come together to create something that both represents us as a duo, and surpasses our expectations. I feel these songs will find a place in both personal iPods and church worship services.

We're in the final days - a photo shoot today, one more vocal session on Saturday, some more mixes, working out graphics, the final mastering, and then, getting them pressed into actual hold-in-your-hand CDs!

We've been so challenged in these recent months, but I feel confident that we're following God's plan, leaning on His strength, and singing His song.

How can we not feel blessed? 


Linda said...

Best of luck and hope you get to sneak in a nap soon :)

Allison Lynn said...

Thanks, Linda :)