Sunday, June 19, 2011

The First Gathering...

Okay, not technically the "first" Gathering, but the first where we've been in charge.

Tonight was pretty awesome. It's kind of the different between dating and being married. The stakes are higher, the commitment stronger. We can now think about long-term dreams...

Our team tonight was fantastic, and at the risk of bragging, we chose great songs (which makes all the difference!). Drew has decided to add pre-service music, so we shook it up a bit with The Beatles' "All You Need is Love."

"All Who are Thirsty" and "Come, Now is the Time..." provided an invitation to worship, leading into the always powerful "Our God."

Gerald then brought us into a place of focus with his song, "A Prayer Will Find You" which sounded so beautiful!

Drew gave a powerful and interactive message on the role of an informed conscience in discipleship, and we sent them out singing with "Beautiful One."

We've already started to make a few small changes. The pre-service music is one. I'm also posting a song each week on the church's Facebook page. Sort of a teaser video, so people can know what we'll be singing at the next service.

And because I'm blessed with an awesome Dad,
and so many wonderful men in my life:

Happy Father's Day!!!!

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