Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fireside Concert!

Our welcome chalkboard, set up in the kitchen by the spread of sweets!

What a great day for singing!

For months now, we've been looking forward to our first Fireside Concert. Our living room and dining room are L-shaped, so we imagined the space as a great performance venue. We set up our SoloAmp and guitars in the corner of the L, right by the windows. We cleared the dining room table, the TV, and a few other furniture pieces, and reconfigured the sofa and chairs. We borrowed some folding chairs from the church, and set up seating for 20+ people.

At 2:00, people started to arrive. They helped themselves to hot cider, cookies, chocolates, and fresh fruit, and found a seat. Gerald and I built a set of mostly original songs, with a few of our own arrangements of classic songs. In addition to sharing our music, we also wanted to tell the stories behind the creation of the songs. We shared favourites like A Church Song Broke Me Down, and a participatory version of Wedding at Cana.

I sang several songs from "Real Big Fan" that I haven't had the chance to perform in a while, such as Do You Wanna Be My Neighbour in Gloryland and Real Big Fan. It felt so good to sing them again! Gerald also did several of his newer and lesser performed songs, like Every Church is a Small Town and Angels in the Dust. People loved hearing about the creation of his stories told through music.

The whole afternoon had a great feeling about it - relaxed, friendly, and spiritual. We'll definitely need to do it again!

We took lots of photos, and I'll let you know when I post them online.

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