Sunday, November 07, 2010

Communion Trio

Today I had Holy Communion in three different churches, which I think is a personal record.

We started the day at St. John's West, where Gerald and I led the music for a Remembrance themed service. We sang songs of peace, like "The Strangest Dream" and "Let There Be Peace on Earth." To celebrate the theme of sacrificial service, we sang Gerald's song, "Somebody's Angel." We also introduced our new childrens dismissal song, "Let the Children Come Unto Me." So encouraging to see everyone singing along with us!

In the early evening, we played on the worship team at St. John's York Mills for the Gathering service. This service is usually prayer, music, and a dialogue sermon, but for tonight, we gathered around the table and had an intimate Communion. Just beautiful.

Then, I went to St. Clements to attend their evening service called Surface. Described as an 'emerging' worship experience, Surface combines scripture, poetry, prayer, and secular songs of inspiration to create an unique worship experience. We also had Communion in the round, which was lovely and powerful. Gerald and I will be leading the music for this service in a few weeks - looking forward to it!

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