Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NQC - Day Two

Like most bloggers this week, I'm adjusting the time on my posts so it keeps it on the appropriate date. Suffice to say: it is currently much later than the time on this post suggests.

You see, I had this wonderful idea tonight. "Let's leave a little early so we can get back to the hotel and do all the final prep work for Thursday's Single Release Party." Sounds good, doesn't it? Well, it was good, til we got back to the room and I realized I'd left my laptop back in the exhibit hall. PANIC!! I was that guy from the commercials. "I checked my notebook!" Gerald was already in his pajamas when I realized it, so he changed back into regular clothes (bless his heart!) and we raced back to the Expo Center. Gerald found a security guard who let him back in - it was well after midnight at this point, so the only people around were security and cleaners. We got back to the hotel close to one a.m. So much for my "early night"...

Despite the ending, we had wonderful day! We got there early enough to catch the Regional Artist Showcase. There were some great groups, and the featured group was the Dixie Echoes. They are just one of my favourite groups to see live. I've never seen a full show, but their's were some of my favourite performances of last year's NQC. Their mic choreography is dynamic without being slick, and I just love watching them.

Today was a big socializing day for me. I had a great visit with my friend, Susan Adams, who's husband Wess is a solo artist. They're also Stamps-Baxter friends, which are always some of my favourite people. Susan and Wess are with Song Garden, so I got to meet a number of their artists as well.

I ran into lots of familiar faces today, like Young Harmony, songwriter Sue Smith, and more Stamps-Baxter people. I introduced myself to Jim and Melissa Brady and got to thank him for the interview, and I also met some more artists that I'd like to interview.

We're across the aisle from a wonderful trio from Florida called Great Day. At one point today, they were talking to Gerald about his songwriting, and they quipped, "Why don't you write a song for us?" Well, they didn't realize who they were talking to. Within the hour, Gerald had a verse and chorus, lyric and melody, for them. (It's really beautiful too.) They jokingly shouted over to us, "Got our song yet?", and I loved the looks on their faces when he said "Yes". I see him write so quickly so often, and it always amazes me, but it was really cool to see their faces when the song started to come together before their eyes. Can't wait for him to finish it!

We also had a really cool visit today. A man walked up and said, "Hi, I'm a 'real big fan'." He's a DJ from Indiana, and his favourite song on my album is "Real Big Fan"! (which, of course, Gerald wrote!) He'd written and told me that recently, so it was really cool to meet him in person today. He actually told us that he plays the song every week! Whoo-hoo! Time to tour in Indiana...

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