Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Recording on the Row

Today was a fantastic day for music. On Thursday, I'm doing an online course with Song U, but unlike the other courses I've taken with them, this course is live and interactive. It's limited to 10, preregistered students. Over the next day or so, we all need to load one song and lyric into our Song U 'backpack' (just a space online, but working with the campus metaphor...). Our instructor, Sue Smith, will listen to our songs, and then on Thursday, at the appointed time, everyone will gather online to listen to Sue give us feedback on our songs. We'll be able to listen to each other's songs, and respond through written comments. I haven't done this kind of class before, so I'm really excited about it.

My song for the class is a me and Gerald co-write called "The Point of the Song". We've performed it a fair bit and it gets really good response, but I know it's a step from being finished. Gerald and I spent the afternoon recording a worktape of the song (a worktape is like a simple demo, with just guitar and vocals). We did several takes, and managed to get a good one with no car alarms or dog barks in the background.

But tonight held the exciting stuff - I did my first vocal session on Music Row!

My friend, Jenna, music director at Redeemer, wanted to do some final touches on her album, and she asked me to join her in the studios to record some vocals. I was so excited and honoured to be asked. Jenna's music is primarily Praise and Worship, and the song we worked on was one of her originals.

I was a little nervous going in, only because I've never done any kind of session stuff before. I listened to Praise and Worship music in the car on the way there to get me in the mood. The studio is in the basement of Belmont Church on Music Row. The whole thing was very laid back, which was cool. In the end, the singing I needed to do was very simple. For me, it also helped that I'm very familiar with Jenna's voice. I've sung with her a lot in church, so I felt confident matching her style and phrasing.

This song was the final musical piece of Jenna's CD, so after the session, we went out for dinner to celebrate. We sat on a lovely patio enjoying the beautiful food and the change in the air. Ah, finally - Nashville is entering patio season!

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