Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NQC - Day Three

So, we actually did leave early tonight! Tomorrow is going to be a long day that includes both my showcase and my Single Release Party, so a good night's sleep is pretty crucial.

Today was a great day. We spent the morning doing final preparations for tomorrow's party, and after a few phone calls to ask Tara to bring more supplies, I think we're in good shape.

I spent the afternoon at the SoGospelNews Showcase, which was off-site at one of the hotel ballrooms. I heard a trio called Calvary's Voice who were really good, but mostly I went to see friends. My friends Chad and Phillip sang and played in a quartet called Victorious, and they were great. And my buddy Brandon Andrews blew the roof off the place with his three songs. Such a great voice!

Our first guest at the booth today was a DJ from Ontario! I was happy to offer him some 'Canadian content', and he was one of the few people there who appreciated the MAPL symbol on the back of "Real Big Fan".

I did a lot of booth visiting today also. I visited my friend Darlene Chapman at the Paradigm booth, and got to meet a lot of people there. They gave me tickets to their invite-only showcase on Friday, so I'm excited about that. I gave my CD to the XM people, so that would be a cool place to hear my songs. Gerald and I also had great conversations with several people, including people with the Billy Graham Library. I would just love to visit there some day.

I also had a great chat with Ron from the Klondyke Gospel Music Center in Ozark, Alabama. I did a concert there this spring, and today he booked me again for a concert next March. Yay! If I can get a few more bookings this week, I'll be a very happy camper.

It's interesting talking to the different artists here and just trying to learn as much as we can about how this industry works. For all our time in the music industry in Canada, we're still newcomers to the world of Southern Gospel. We're taking lots of notes on things we like (and things we don't like). I'm happy with the way this week is progressing, and I know we'll be in even better shape for next year.

Gerald and I just did a quick rehearsal for tomorrow, and I know we'll take another crack at things in the morning. Time for that good night's sleep...

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