Monday, September 08, 2008

NQC ... about to begin!

I'm writing tonight from Louisville, Kentucky! We're all checked into our hotel, a plan is in place for the week, and all that's left for tonight is to get a good night's sleep...

We got back to Nashville late last Tuesday night after a long but uneventful drive from Toronto ("uneventful" being the best kind of drive home). Wednesday should have been a rest day, but there was far too much to do before coming to Louisville today. Wednesday was spent cleaning, unpacking, laundry ... all that glamourous musician stuff.

I worked for Ben on Thursday and Friday, so that added lots of busyness into the week. It was great to reconnect with my Stamps-Baxter buddies, and to work on school stuff.

Full work days meant just the nights for NQC prep. I have new business cards to match my banner (I'm all about branding these days), and they became a full drama themselves, almost worthy of matching the banner drama. There were lots of go-arounds on design, and then the plan was to get them printed and sent overnight. Well, numerous complications arose, and we finally ended up having a short run made locally.

The banner arrived Friday, and when I got home, Gerald had it set up at the end of the hallway so it was the first thing I saw when I got home. It's sooooo pretty! Really truly beautiful! I can't wait to have it on display. It's soooooo pretty! Yay, Brian for awesome photos and Lyndsay for an incredible design!!!!!!

Saturday was supposed to be my day to get all the last minute things done - printing press kits, buying groceries for the hotel, putting together business supplies, packing - but my body decided it was time to get sick. I couldn't do a thing! I felt awful, but my greatest challenge was not freaking out about all the things I couldn't get done. Lots of deep breathing, sipping tea, and spending time reading "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan" (awesome!!!!!!).

That left lots of things to do today, but it was most important for me to go to church this morning. This kind of week can be so draining emotionally and spiritually. There's a real danger of letting self-promotion and stage-time distract from the real reason why we make all this music. It was my first time back at Redeemer for a month. It was so grounding to see friends, sing great songs, be still and know that God is God.

The afternoon was the madhouse we knew it would be, and now we're here. When I think back at last year's NQC, it's amazing to think how much has changed for me this year. It's going to be a crazy/busy/wonderful week. Can't wait to get started...

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