Sunday, September 21, 2008

DIVAs in Nashville - again!

What a great night! I think this was the second largest DIVA gathering in Christian DIVA history. Beth, Leah, Tara, Rachanee and I were all in Nashville on the same day, so we gathered for Chinese food and ice cream. It would have been nice to do a show together, but there just wasn't time to make that happen.

There were lots of laughs, stories, and general silliness. Beth and Leah just finished a two-week tour, so we got lots of stories from that. Beth even gave us a tailgate concert, singing a song they wrote about their tour.

Lunch was also a nice musical time. We had a gathering of the Redeemer praise team to catch up on summer vacations and adventures. Jenna is taking a mission trip to Sri Lanka this fall, so I'm hoping to get a Sunday in while she's still here.

It was nice to have a fun day out. Things really haven't slowed down much since NQC. Mom and Dad were here til Wednesday, and I've worked a few days too. I'm still trying to play catch-up on all emails, phone calls, NQC thank yous, etc. We realized this week that we've basically been going non-stop since June, so it's actually nice to have a bit of a quiet schedule for the next few weeks.

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