Sunday, September 28, 2008

Whitsitt Chapel & the SB Community

This morning, I drove out to the east side of Nashville to hear my friend, Brandon Andrews, sing at Whitsitt Chapel. I think it was still Nashville? It's out by Percy Priest Lake - so beautiful out there!

Brandon is a Stamps-Baxter alumnus, and I always like to see what our students are doing. This service was actually the church's Homecoming Sunday, so the place was packed. Brandon did one special song during the service, and then after the invitation, he did a mini-concert. I was afraid people might wander out to start enjoying the food and the sunshine, but everyone stayed for the great music.

Brandon is a young singer with a voice beyond his years. He sings a lot of great old songs, but once he starts recording newer stuff, I'd love to get a few of our songs in his hands.

Near the end of his concert, Brandon started his thank yous, and he introduced me! He pointed me out not just because of my school connection, but also as an artist with two radio singles! I felt so famous - and I'm pretty sure I blushed bright red! It was actually very cool, and I was just honoured that he would consider me worthy of mention.

After the service, we caught up, and also chatted with Brandon's friend Sondra, another SB alumnus. Sondra was the one to get the booking for Brandon, and it really got me thinking about our SB community. At the end of school this year, several students were teary-eyed. I reminded them that they weren't leaving school alone. They are now part of a community that lasts all year and crosses all state and national boundaries. Today, it was like seeing that community in action.

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