Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Worship Wednesdays: Guest Post by Rev. Hollis Hiscock

Today, I'm welcoming a very special guest writer to the blog: Rev. Hollis Hiscock.

AKA: My Dad!

Dad was a full-time minister in the Anglican Church for over 40 years. In retirement, he took on the ministry of editor of the Niagara Anglican Newspaper.

Dad has always loved the Peanuts comics. Inspired by the 50th anniversary of A Charlie Brown Christmas, he wrote some thoughts about the Peanuts gang and their unique approach to theology.

I love this whole article, but the last line is something we should all take to heart...

 You can read the full issue HERE
including some powerful stories of churches bringing Syrian refugees to Canada.

Charlie Brown, Life and the Bible is on page 3.

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Big News: Infinitely More Joins The World Vision Artist Collective!

We're thrilled and humbled to announce that 
Infinitely More is the newest member of the 

Keilyn is one of the most important people in my
 life, and yet, we've never actually met in person...

A few years ago, as we approached November, my family started asking the inevitable, "What do you want for your birthday?" I really wasn't seeking another gift, but then it struck me: Every day, there are children in this world who can't get an education, medical care, a decent meal, or even a clean drink of water. I couldn't think about it without my heart breaking...

What I really wanted was to help a child.

So for my birthday, I asked my family to help me start sponsoring a child through World Vision.

I smiled when I saw Keilyn's photo, and her gentle face. She lived alone with her mother, who couldn't find employment. She wanted to learn a foreign language; her favourite chore was washing dishes.

Within months, we were exchanging letters and photos. It's wonderful to know that our support gives this sweet girl healthy food, clean water, medical care, and an education. But the letters are the best part. She tells me about her community and how they celebrate holidays. She lets me know about her favourite subjects in school, and how much she likes to dance. All her letters are handwritten with a typed translation. I can't read the original Spanish, but she draws flowers and animals around the edges. As a fellow doodler, this makes my heart sing.

One of the most powerful moments in our sponsorship occurred a few months in when I received a letter from her Momma. I really know didn't much about her. I knew she lived in a community so impoverished that a relief organization had to drill a well and provide a health clinic. I can't even imagine what it must be like to be a single mother under these circumstances. She let me know that they pray for us every night. This just broke my heart - we'd been praying for them every night as well. I realized that we weren't just sponsoring Keilyn; we were helping this young mother as well. I imagined our shared prayers for each other reaching God's ears at the same time. I marvelled more and more at how we are all interconnected when we live out God's love and grace.

Last year, Gerald and I started praying that God would find a way for us to partner with World Vision. Our prayers were answered by an amazing invitation. The Artist Collective is a diverse group of musicians, actors, athletes, and speakers who are using their talents to tell the stories of the marginalized and oppressed. Through concerts and other events, we hope to motivate the incredible compassion and generosity of folks across Canada.  We want to show them how rewarding it can be to reach out to families living in extreme poverty, and help save lives through child sponsorship.

We feel humbled and challenged that we've been asked to join this incredible group of servant hearts.

"How can I help?"

We would love for you to pray for this new phase of our ministry! We pray that we will continue to create engaging music, minister the Gospel, and act out God's unconditional love and compassion through this outreach.

If you feel called to personally sponsor a child, we would love to help you! Please contact us so we can connect you with a child in need.

We would also love to bring the World Vision message to your church! It's really very simple: when you host us for a concert or worship service, we ask for a few minutes to share our personal story of getting to know and sponsor Keilyn, and allow folks the chance to learn about other children who are still in desperate need of sponsorship.

We know this won't be a fit for every church or event, and that's okay. If you're not able to include World Vision in your event, you can still book us for a regular concert or worship service. Infinitely More will continue to make it as easy as possible for you to host our music and ministry.

Please feel free to contact us through 
to ask any questions, or to book us for a concert or worship service! 

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

New Video! Psalm 8...

On last fall's Prairies Road Trip, we took a few days to visit gorgeous Lake Louise, Alberta. The day we toured the lake, the weather was overcast, yet the glorious colour of the water shone through the grey. The mountains and the surrounding woods were breathtaking. 

We were so overwhelmed by the beauty and majesty, we turned to Psalm 8. We recorded it for ourselves, but we loved this moment so much we decided we wanted to share it with you as well...

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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Worship Wednesdays - Epiphany Thoughts...

Epiphany - the final day of the Christmas season!

It's the day we celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men, 
and the amazing gifts they brought the baby Jesus:

Gold, a gift for a king.
Frankincense, a gift for a priest.
Myrrh, a gift for one who is to die...

I've been thinking a lot about the Three Wise Men this year. Historians and theologians tell us that they were scholars, possible royalty. They traveled for years from a far off land to the east, probably with a large caravan. Their only guide: a star that they believed would bring them to the Messiah. In a world with no GPS and where travel could cost you your life, what an amazing undertaking.

I've often been taught that the Wise Men are important because they represent the universality of the newborn Saviour. Jesus wasn't just for a specific group of people - He came to save the world.

This year, I had a new thought about them:

Think about that first Christmas for a moment, and all the different people who witnessed the arrival of the baby Jesus. For most of them, the miracle took them by surprise. Sure, in a scholarly and religious sense, they'd been told to await the coming of the Messiah, but most of them didn't know it would happen that night in their own backyard. It was shocking, and overwhelming in its unexpectedness.

But the Wise Men were different.

They knew this was happening. They had been following the star. They had intention. As they got closer, the time and the location of the birth became ever clearer. When they met the baby for the first time, they were ready. They had gifts. They were prepared to worship. They had arrived at their destination, and they would never be the same again.

Are we the same? 
Are we actively seeking God in this world? 
Are we focused on finding the miraculous, 
despite the challenges and distractions that may come our way? 
Are we ready to worship when we finally meet Him face to face?

The Wise Men remind us that, no matter how far we need to travel, 
or how long it takes us to get there, there is alway room for us at the manger.

I pray that, as you make your goals and resolutions for 2016, you will choose to seek the newborn King.

Tonight, we'll celebrate Epiphany by leading worship at a brand new weekly service called Advent Cafe in St. Catharines, Ontario. You can find the full details HERE.

Happy Epiphany!

Worship Wednesdays is a weekly series to encourage and equip worship leaders and songwriters.
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Our Top 10 Moments of 2015!

"How was your year?"

It's the question we all ask each other in these final days of December. 
As 2015 comes to a close, Gerald and I have been reflecting on the last 12 months with great thanksgiving. 
I don't mind saying: it's been a really special year.

And now, in no particular order, here are our 
Top 10 Moments of 2015:

(I've put in lots of links to bring you to photos & the original stories)

Nine years ago, we sold our marital home to fund our dream of moving to Nashville. This summer, after years of renting and moving, a long held dream was fulfilled to buy a house again! Gerald spent hours digging through real estate listings til he found our beautiful century home in St. Catharines. We've only been in here a month, but to see our Christmas tree in the corner and our puppies on the couch, well, it's just about perfect...

As a proud Newfoundlander, this was particularly special. Our latest CD - How The Light Gets In - was nominated for Gospel Recording of the Year at the 2015 East Coast Music Awards. We traveled to my hometown of St. John's to celebrate in all the festivities, including performing at the Gospel Showcase. As we say on the Rock, "Twas a time!"

Our tours of the East Coast become more special every year. This past spring, we spent 9 weeks travelling and singing throughout Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, and eastern Ontario. We revisited favourite spots, and even had the chance to bring our music to new and wonderful places. Truly a blessing in so many ways!

In the spring, we started an epic hunt for a new guitar that led to an amazing conclusion: we were offered an Artist Deal from Stonebridge Guitars! We're so honoured to represent these amazing instruments, and love having this stunning guitar as our new 'band member.'

For the first time ever, we headed west! This fall, we traveled over 7200 KM over 6 weeks to sing in western Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. Every single venue was new to us, and we felt welcomed wherever we went. As an added bonus, we had the chance to sing with several other Christian singer-songwriters, such as Ali Matthews, Natalie B, Rhonda, and Sally Meadows!  

To be recognized by the Gospel Music Association of Canada is to be recognized by our peers, so it was a double honour to receive not one, but two nominations for the 2015 Covenant Awards! How The Light Gets In was nominated for Folk Album of the Year, and Tonight, Everywhere Is Bethlehem was nominated for Seasonal Song of the Year. It was amazing to visit Edmonton for GMA Week, where we celebrated the vast and richly creative Canadian Christian music scene. 

This July, I celebrated 10 years since I said "yes" to God's calling on my life. When I first experienced that powerful moment, neither Gerald nor I had any idea where it would lead, but we are so incredibly thankful that it has led to our Infinitely More adventure! 

#8. Most Denominations Ever

Infinitely More feels called to cross denominational lines, and encourage others to do the same. This has been an incredibly diverse year of ministry, singing concerts and leading worship in a wide range of churches, such as Anglican, United, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Church of God, Baptist, Christian Assembly, Christian Alliance, and many churches and ministries with no obvious denominational association. The more we do this, the more we recognize how much we have in common, and how we are all part of the family of God. 

#9. Great Health for Everyone

As I read the Facebook statuses of friends, and especially those who also have aging parents, I'm reminded how blessed we are to have such good health in our family. We faced a rough month in July. It started with an allergy attack for me, and continued as extended family, and even our sweet puppy Sebastian, faced challenges. But as we close out 2015, it feels like everyone is on the right path. Help is in place where needed, and we're all able to enjoy an active lifestyle. 

#10. A Surprise for 2016

In the last month, we've been offered and accepted a truly special opportunity. We'll be making a big announcement about it in the New Year, so we still want to keep it under wraps until we work out the details. But trust me, this will be a new level of ministry for Infinitely More, and we're truly excited it about it!

As we move into 2016, we feel so encouraged. Only two years ago, we took the leap from church staff to a full-time touring ministry. It's definitely had challenges, but this year in particular, we've really felt a wonderful sense of growth and momentum in our music and ministry. On a personal note, I also feel it's been a really special time for growing relationships, both in our family and in our friendships.

For each of us, I pray we can look back at 2015 with gratitude and peace. I pray we can leave any struggles and bad habits behind us, and move into the New Year with lessons learned, new optimism, the joy of discovery, and an openness to God's plan for our lives. 

Glory to God, whose power working in us can do 
Infinitely More than we can ask or imagine!

Happy New Year!!!

All the best in 2016...

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

The Blog Is Back!

We're back! After a hiatus during our Prairies Road Trip, we're back and blogging.

It's been an amazing season. Our first Prairies Road Trip was an incredible experience!

We spent 6 weeks driving over 7200 KM across 4 provinces. We sang in churches, colleges, cafes, and living rooms. We made many new friends, and had the unique pleasure of meeting people we'd only ever known on social media. We attended the inspiring GMA Week and we celebrated our GMA Covenant Award nominations. The entire tour was rich in blessings, and we are so grateful to everyone who supported us in any way. We can't wait to head west again in 2016!

You can see photos on our SITE and FACEBOOK page.

We've also moved into our new home in St. Catharines! We've already sung at two churches in the area, and we're excited to explore our new city. It'll take a while to unpack during this busy month, so we're seriously debating wrapping the piles of boxes in mini-lights to make them look festive...

And now, it's our favourite season of the year: Christmas! 

As our gift to you, we've decided to offer FREE SHIPPING* for all CDs!

This applies to any and all CDs purchased up til Christmas Eve.

Please visit our Store to purchase CDs & Christmas cards, 
or to download albums and mp3s.

We have lots of great Christmas events lined up this month. 
Stay tuned for more news, photos, and Christmas stories...

It's good to be back! 

*Free shipping within Canada. CDs only. A small surcharge will be added for international orders.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Worship Wednesdays on Hiatus...

We're on our first, awesome Prairies Road Trip!

It's been a busy time on the road, so I'll be posting as I have time, and not on a weekly basis.

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