Thursday, October 02, 2008

Song U Feedback Class

I did it - I did my first Song U feedback class!

On Tuesday, Gerald and I recorded a worktape for "Point of the Song". We've performed this song several times, but we both feel it's not quite 'there' yet. We did a clean vocal/guitar recording in our 'upstairs studio.' Next, I posted the song on Song U. To keep with Song U's campus theme, each student has a 'locker' where you can keep mp3s and lyrics. To share your songs with teachers or other students, you load them into your 'backpack'. The backpack is private and can only be shared when you send someone the appropriate link. We all have a webpage too, and you can put songs from your locker on your page as well.

You can visit my page here. It has songs, current news, and an 'interview' about my songwriting loves and goals. (Wow, I seem uber quote-happy tonight!)

I was nervous about doing the online class, not because of the song, but because of the whole online thingy. I'm not very tech-savvy, and I had images of disconnecting myself just when my turn came up. I went online this afternoon just to view the 'classroom', and it looked so cool!

At ten to seven, I went back to the classroom for class. There's a space where you can type your comments, and another space where you read everyone's comments in a running dialogue. The main part of the screen shows everyone's backpacks. When you click on a backpack and then click on a song title, you can listen to the song while also reading the lyric and the backstory.

No one can see each other in the classroom (go to school in your pjs!), but there is a microphone. Sue would talk on the mic to give everyone feedback, and we would all post our comments as needed. Before the class, I shared the mic with another student so we could introduce ourselves. (Basically, you use the mic on your computer and take turns pressing a button that gives you the cyber conch.) He's a children's pastor in Knoxville and visits Nashville often, so we may all hook up some time.

We heard six songs all together. They were all very different, which made for an entertaining hour. Sue had very positive feedback on our song, and gave the constructive criticism we were hoping to hear.

It was all kind of exciting and cool. I will definitely do this class again, and when I get really brave, I'll move on to the Advanced Writers Class.

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