Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Banner - Part Deux

Gerald and I had an awesome start to the day doing something we haven't done for ages: we had voice lessons! Our wonderful teacher, Sue, just refuses to follow us to Nashville, so it's always great to meet up with her while we're here for a 'tune-up'. We've both been singing a lot, so it was good to hear that things are all in the right place. Sue was also able to give us those little tweaks to make things smoother, easier, and more beautiful. Every day should start with a voice lesson!

And then, it was mad NQC planning all day! I found a warehouse that sells display racks, and I was able to purchase a CD rack for my product table for half the price I found online. Score!

I returned home to find a beautiful proof for my banner in my inbox. One small tweak later, and it was ready to approve and send to the manufacturer. Being a freelancer, I'm rarely aware of holidays and their affect on business - meaning, of course, that I forgot we'd be losing a day next week to Monday's holiday. That meant that everything for the banner had to be done, finalized, and put in the manufacturer's hands today. There were many phone calls back and forth from Toronto to Nashville (yay, free long distance), but just as my father-in-law was taking the ribs off the BBQ, the last thread was tied in place. Right now, the design is done and in the right hands. What a relief! There's been a lot of stress this week - trying to get the banner done while also balancing the thousand other things that seem to have popped up - and it's a great weight off my shoulders to have this in place.

I've been studying 'branding' this year, so the designer is now taking the banner design and turning it into a business card for me. Over the weekend, I need to confirm my hotel booking, do some shopping for the Single Release Party, and put together some press kits. Oh, the glamour of it all!


Unknown said...

Do we get to see this banner?

Anonymous said...

Sounds about right! Can't wait to see you and Gerald next week! Be safe this week with all your planning and shopping, et al!