Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Awesome rehearsal!

Gerald, Teri, and I met this morning to continue our hymns rehearsal.

We started with the 2 guitar songs. When Gerald and I were in Alabama earlier this month, we came up with a really cool arrangement for "Just a Closer Walk." It's got a really cool groove, and Teri is going to play a little solo near the end that's jazzy and fun. Then we worked on the classic "Give Me Jesus." I've really fallen in love with this song, and I imagined singing it with a very simply guitar arrangement. When we were rehearsing last night, Gerald started doing this cool tapping thing with the guitar. Instead of strumming or plucking the strings, he taps them with the tips of his fingers, giving them a ringing, sustained kind of sound. Add in a little piano, and the whole thing sounds so beautiful! I had chills while we were working on it. I am sooo excited about this one!

Next, Gerald got to hear what Teri and I have been working on. It was great getting to touch the songs again. We don't want to overwork them before we get in the studio, but playing them again today allowed us to settle into them a little more. We found some beautiful moments, and most of it is just so pretty and simple.

We need to book a studio day soon for the tracks, but I don't think that'll happen til after Easter. I get more and more excited each time we take another step on this project!

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