Sunday, April 05, 2009

Happy Palm Sunday!

I love Palm Sunday! Actually, I love all of Holy Week. I have Bible study on Wednesday, but I'm planning to attend church on Thursday and Friday evenings. I'm also doing a cool reading this week. Max Lucado's "And the Angels Were Silent" covers the final days of Christ as recorded in Matthew. The chapters are all broken down for the days of the week, so this week, I'll read it according to the days of Holy Week.

This morning was a first for us - we each sang at different churches! Gerald was back at Harpeth Springs, where he lead worship by himself for the first time! He was a bit nervous (aren't we all the first time?) but by all accounts, it went well. For the final song, he did his new song, "The Good Tree," which talks about the tree that would become the cross. Awesome song!

I was on the praise team at Redeemer. We had a fairly large group with 7 of us on the team, and 2 more coming up to sing in a quintet for the offertory. I sang "Go to Dark Gethsemane" from the red Anglican hymnal during communion, and it went really well. The whole service was pretty awesome, and we got a tremendous amount of feedback after the service.

Busy week ahead! Must rest up so I'm good for the whole week!

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