Saturday, March 07, 2009

Grimes Gospel Lighthouse

Grimes Gospel Lighthouse is a small church just around the corner from Klondyke, in Dothan, Alabama. Each Saturday night, they host artists for a weekly Gospel singing. Like Klondyke, Grimes Gospel Lighthouse is a small ministry that serves a vibrant and committed group of believers. We were welcomed with open arms, and sent home with bowls full of homemade peach cobbler. One of the women brought her little black chihuahua, who sat in the pew with her, so we knew we were in the right place for us!

They open each singing with the song “The Lighthouse” and by praying over prayer cards collected throughout the week. After the prayer, we did our program. The songs from “Real Big Fan” were really well received, with people singing and clapping along, and they loved it when Gerald grabbed his guitar and we sang together.

During the offering, a gentleman from the congregation sang and played a few classic songs, and then we jumped back up to finish with a few hymns. After our last song, we all held hands and ended with prayer. It was a lovely spirit, and we got to chat with everyone present. Unfortunately, the puppy got away before I could take a picture, but trust me - he was so cute! (Yes, we totally miss our puppies right now!)

We’ve had an extra gig added on! Last night, Ron asked if we could sing in his church on Sunday morning, so he’s picking us up bright and early tomorrow morning to drive with him. Of course the time springs forward tonight, so it’s really going to early - don’t know how bright I’ll be!

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