Sunday, March 29, 2009

Return to Harpeth Springs

One of my favourite hymns growing up sang, "The church is wherever God's people are praising..."

This morning, Gerald and I returned to Harpeth Springs Community Church to lead worship. Last week, we met in a parish hall in Pegram, but this morning, we joined the congregation in their new home - a middle school in Kingston Springs. An unexpected place to find church, but still a joyous place to worship on a Sunday morning.

There are definite challenges leading music with a small crowd in a big concrete room. The sound spreads so much and people can't hear each other singing. Everyone feels a little far away from their neighbour, especially after spending the last few weeks in a warm cozy little hall.

That said, I think we rose to the challenge. Our new sound system filled the room brilliantly, and even though we couldn't hear the voices very well, I could see lots of singing and clapping. After the service, we enjoyed fellowship and homemade goodies, and we got some wonderful feedback, so that was encouraging.

Next week will be interesting: I committed to singing at Redeemer over a month ago, so Gerald will be leading worship at Harpeth Springs by himself. It's the first time we've ever worked two different churches on one Sunday morning! There's always a new challenge when God's your boss!

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