Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Love Rehearsals!

Teri Reid and I met this morning to start rehearsing the hymns!! I was so excited and nervous - mostly excited, but I'm always a little nervous when I start something new.

Most of the songs are going to be piano driven, and a few will be guitar driven, so today we focused on the piano songs. It sounded so good!! Some of it will be kind of jazzy, and some of the songs are just going to be really, really pretty. A few are standing out already - I'm excited about "In the Garden" and "Come Thou Fount". We're doing "Take My Life" using the Mozart tune from the old red Anglican hymnal, which is the tune I grew up with. To give it a little 'lift', I wrote a little refrain to sing after each verse, and it sounded really beautiful with the piano!

Next, Gerald and I will rehearse the guitar songs, and then we'll start bringing the guitar and piano together over the next few weeks. So excited!!!


Anonymous said...

Got a chuckle from "the old red Anglican hymnal"........unfortunately some are still calling it "the new book"!!!!! Guess it's all relative!

Allison Lynn said...

And then you have the "old blue Anglican hymnal" and the "new blue Anglican hymnal", and down here in the States, the "old red hymnal" is a different book entirely!

I, of course, have all these books in my collection :)

Thanks for the perspective!