Saturday, May 03, 2008

Tara Jackson CD Release Concert

You know you're good friends with someone when you brave tornado warnings to attend their CD release concert.

But we were not the only people who braved the weather tonight to support Tara and her new CD. The concert was held at The Resting Place - a church that meets in the storage warehouse for the Bridge Ministry. And yes, it's actually in a corner of the huge open warehouse. They have chairs and a stage and the whole set up, and if you just turn your head a little, you can look at all the food and supplies just waiting to be distributed to the homeless of Nashville. Fascinating set-up!

Candy Christmas hosted the concert, but all the focus was on Tara and her new songs. I've listened to the album several times now, and I was even there for the recording of "God's Got a Word", so I was excited to hear the songs live. I am such a fan of Tara's voice. She has that large belting Southern Gospel sound that I love so much, but then she can also do soft intimate tones as well. She does this one floaty thing that I love. I can't really describe it, but she does it on songs like "Redeemer" and "In Christ Alone" (my favourite track on the album).

The whole night was fantastic! Brittany Galloway, Scharlene Galloway, and Chris Unthank sang back up on a few songs, which was a great dynamic. Candy and Kyle gave short but effective speeches. And the whole audience stuck around after for cake and CD purchasing.

Yay, Tara! So proud of you!

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tarajackson said...

Awww...thanks! I'm proud of YOU! I so appreciate the two of you being there, and helping Kyle work the product table. :) Yay for God bringing friends like you two into our life!

You'll have to point out the "floaty voice" thing to me sometime.