Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The DIVA comp is here!

The DIVA comps arrived today!

A few months ago, one of the DIVAs suggested we all put together a few songs and make a compilation CD. Nine of us got in on the project and submitted 2 songs each. Leah had everything remastered and put together the packaging, and they finally arrived today.

I'm sooo excited about this! I've never been part of a compilation before and it's so cool to see my name on the same CD as these talented ladies. The packaging is simple but beautiful - It's a glossy white cardboard sleeve with the DIVAs logo on the front and a song list on the back. Inside, there's a larger logo with all our photos, and a break down of our "DIVA" name, complete with scripture references.

I'll be adding the CD to my product table, probably with it's own price, and then a special 2-for deal with "Real Big Fan".

I know this CD will do great things for the DIVAs, but more importantly, it will help spread the Gospel in a way that is meaningful and entertaining. Sooo excited!

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