Wednesday, May 07, 2008

NSAI Pitch to Publisher

Tonight's NSAI meeting was the infamous Pitch to Publisher - a night when nervous songwriters risk it all by exposing their musical babies to the discerning ears of an industry mogul. Christian pitch night is always much more tame than country pitch night, when things can get really crazy.

Rick Shelton of Daywind was tonight's publisher. Rick is great at doing these kind of events, and was pretty clear about what he looks for in a song. Most times that he would pass on a song, he would still give some kind of feedback. Since I didn't start this blog in screaming joy, you can probably guess he passed on our songs, but we got some positive feedback and encouragement, so that's always valuable.

It's also a reminder that this is part of the drill. Play your songs every chance you get. Show up whenever you can and put your best song forward. Have great, good, or at least decent demos of all your songs so you can take advantage of situations like this.

More and more I'm reminded of my favourite GMA Week phrase:

Making music is blue collar work.

Get up in the morning, roll up your sleeves, and do what needs doing...

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