Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer's here! - Time to sing!

The pool is open! Summer is here!!! Yay!

This morning I attended GracePointe church in Brentwood. This fairly new church started in a living room, and now meets in an elementary school gym. Only in Nashville, you say? They're in the midst of a building campaign to build a brand new church, but I must tell, it's interesting to attend a service in a school gym. Every Saturday, volunteers come to the school to set up chairs, tables for coffee, etc. And each Sunday, they tear it all down again. The artwork and school posters in the hallways remind you of the importance of children in the church, and even of the "faith of a child" passage. The gym reminded me of the old hymn:

The church is wherever God's people are praising,
singing God's presence for joy on this day
The church is wherever disciples of Jesus
remember his story and walk in his way.
(Carol Rose Ikeler, 1959)

The band was incredible, and the preaching was great too. They're doing a series called "Losing Jesus - Confessions of a Scared Christian". Today's message was about growing through those times when you are struggling with your faith. The next few weeks sound like they're going to be pretty great too, so I may check out their podcasts.

I'm hoping I can attend another morning and maybe sing a song. I'm doing a homecoming concert next Sunday (yay!), and the following Sunday, I'm going to sing at the church where Tara sang last night. Saturday, Gerald and I are singing at a Christian cafe in Lebanon, and June 9 is my Single Release Party. (more details tba... but mark your calendar for that night!)

Right now, I'm just trying to get places where I can sing my songs. I'm like the Sower and the Seed. I'm just going to sow that message wherever I get the chance...

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