Saturday, May 24, 2008

CD Review, and upcoming Single Release Party!!

Long day - we were up at 4am to drive our friend, Deanna, to the airport. But sooo much good stuff going on:

has just received a review by David Bruce Murray. You can read the whole thing here.

We're out in Lebanon tomorrow for a songwriter night at Crave Bookstore and Cafe, and I'm singing a homecoming event on Sunday.

Gerald is getting ready for his Bluebird gig on Sunday, June 8, and I'll be singing back-up for him.

Then the next night, Monday, June 9, I'll be hosting my Single Release Party at Edgehill Cafe. So excited about this! It will celebrate the release of "Shepherd of the Hills". The party starts at 7pm, and admission is free! I'll sing some songs from the CD, and Tara and Gerald will perform too. I'm hoping a few more people will sing, but no official announcements yet...

And now next week (May 26-31) is Make It or Break It!

"Shepherd of the Hills" will be featured on this Solid Gospel show. People can listen to the song online and vote to Make It or Break It. If I get enough positive votes, it'll get added to Solid Gospel's regular rotation. Here's the link to vote MAKE IT.

Must practice a little, write a draft of a press release, and finally go to bed. Seriously - 4am! What are 'morning people' thinking???

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Anonymous said...

That's SOME review!!!!!!
A plus...........!
So looking forward to June 8th and 9th!