Sunday, May 25, 2008

Crave Bookstore and Cafe

First let me preface with this: I have been suffering with allergies all week. Not just a little sneezing, not just a little sniffling - suffering! I forgot how rough this was last year. I'm taking Reactine every day and I've started using a neti pot, but it's still pretty rough. I wouldn't normally make public complaints about this, but this is a big singing weekend for me, and any singer will tell you the dangers of allergies. Not only does it feel terrible, but sometimes you just don't know what kind of sound might come out!

Tonight, Gerald and I drove out to Lebanon for a songwriter night at Crave Bookstore and Cafe. Crave is a true treasure - a gorgeous store and a beautiful cafe. If we lived in the area, I would probably spend too much time and too much money there.

They've been holding their monthly songwriter nights in the cafe, but tonight, they decided to hold the event outside. Well, this is when you should refer back to paragraph #1. They have a nice quiet space in the parking lot behind the building. There's lots of room for tables and chairs, and a partial brick wall looks like it was built as a backdrop. The staff pulled out some sound equipment, and the set up was terrific.

I, however, did not feel terrific.

I was just so uncomfortable! Sniffing, sneezing, watery eyes, sore throat - I had it all. I just prayed, "God, please just let this stop long enough for me to sing tonight."

The show opened with a few bands, then a duo, and then us. Gerald did 3 songs - "Real Big Fan", "A Prayer Will Find You", and ... arg! I forgot the third! See how out of it I am tonight?

Next I stepped up and Gerald accompanied me on "Fear Knocked, Faith Answered". We wrote this last summer, but this was our first time doing it in public. I followed with "Wedding" and "Abide".

And at the risk of bragging - I did well! I left the stage area, got back to our table, and starting sneezing - non-stop! It was terrible!

We sat in the air-conditioning for a bit, enjoying some of the lovely Crave fare, and then politely dismissed ourselves. There was no way I could step outside again.

Who knew I would leave a city with bad air warnings and so much summer pollution you lose the top of the CN Tower, only to have my allergies get worse? Arg!!!

Lots of singing to do tomorrow. Praying tonight...

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