Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Singing and studios and stuff...

Lots of prayers being said tonight. We're in the studio tomorrow to record four of my songs. Yes, my songs. Crazy that anyone would take any interest in any thing I've written. But that is the craziness of the artistic life, I suppose. I do things that I think should interest everyone, and only my parents come. Then I do these little songs, and congregations start singing along. Funny how this all works. I try not to think too hard about it. Don't want to make myself dizzy with analyzing the way art works. That's not really important. But sometimes, it's worth standing up, dusting the glitter off your head, and going, "So, this is what's come of all this."

Tomorrow will be me on vocals, Gerald on guitar, and his friend, Alan, who will be our engineer. We'll do four songs, all in live takes. They will be simple and clean. I'll have them put on a disc, and I'll send them off to Nashville. There will also be a copy of IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL, and a red folder with song lyrics, etc, in it. Many prayers will be said over the package, and then it will be thrown in the mail, and many more prayers will be said til I hear some results.

I'm nervous about tomorrow. Gerald has been away, and we've had very little rehearsal time. We've barely seen each other all summer, and our only music time was singing at the AIDS Vigil in Pride Week. It's hard pulling stuff together so quickly. I'm hoping we both get a good night's sleep so we can be at the top of our game when we get in the room together. There's also a time pressure cause Ger's leaving again tomorrow evening. I think I'm feeling more prayers coming on...

As the song says, we'll take it "one sure step at a time".

And lots of prayers.

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