Monday, August 29, 2005

Me and Bill - together again!

So, tonight just had a little silliness. Gaithernet (the Gaither fan club site) just had an on-line chat for its members with Bill Gaither. So me and Bill and 100 other people just chatted on-line. Very fun. I've never done a chat room before. Can't say I was really impressed. The main chat was moderated so that Bill could choose his questions, but before that, it was a free-for-all. I have no idea how you're supposed to keep track of who you're talking to?

I submitted about 20 questions - again, a reason why Mr. Gaither must have a moderator for the chat: to control crazy fans like myself. He answered two. "Will you be doing a Danny Gaither tribute project?" He's doing a project to honour many lost gospel heroes, and Danny is one of them. "Will the Toronto concert be staged in the round?" Yes! Wow. I wasn't expecting that. How on earth will they shoot it? What an undertaking! Someone asked why they do their shows in the round? He answered, "So more people can sit in the front rows." Brilliant.

Lots of dumb questions were asked. I know we're always told, "There are no dumb questions", but sometimes... For example, one person asked, "Where can I buy your book?" Hello! You have a brilliant writer and producer in front of you! Ask him about his life and his craft. You can Google the book! Anyhoo, all my snobby frustrations aside, it was a pretty cool event.

Several people were asking about adding performers to the Homecoming gang. But as Bill pointed out, every time they add a performer, they have to eliminate another one. Guess that means I won't be sitting on the stage any time soon. Unless I can find some one to lock in the bathroom before show-time. Just kidding! (sort of!)

He also mentioned the reason why he does all this: I am driven by the Message. Awesome. What more do we need?

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