Saturday, August 06, 2005

Home at last!

I got home 2 days ago, and it feels so good to be here. Nashville was awesome, but Dorothy had it right: There really is no place like home.

My travels weren't so great. My first flight was cancelled and I was put on another airline. 12 hours to get home! Flying in to Toronto felt wonderful, til I looked out the window and saw the blanket of smog covering the city. What are we doing here? I love living in Toronto, but everytime I travel, I fall in love with clean air again.

We just found out yet another friend has cancer. The impulse to leave the city and engage in a genuinely healthy lifestyle seems even stronger in these moments. City-folk think we're being healthy by taking vitamins and visiting the gym. And we wonder why country-folk laugh at us.

I'm trying to spend a little time resting, but I also feel a great need to get to work. I want to use all the knowledge I gained at the school. I am also feeling the need to do some serious reshaping of my career.

For now, it's all unpacking, organizing the trip's receipts for next year's taxes, and listening to the twenty-odd cds I bought.

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