Thursday, August 18, 2005

In the circuit...

I'm (un)officially back to work. It's official cause I'm working every day. It's unofficial cause I'm not getting paid for anything right now. Why is August always so slow for me? I should really take this month and spend it in Mexico each year. Then I could just enjoy it and not cry into my fake margueritas about my self-imposed poverty.

Deep breath - But really, I don't want to get a job. I don't want a regular paycheque or dental benefits. This is where I want to be. ( with you, so close to me...) Doing what I love every day, and getting paid enough to keep my house and my sanity. Besides, it gives me the freedom of watching a movie after midnight, and going to brunch on a Tuesday afternoon. How many nine-to-fivers can say that?

This week, I'm back at auditioning. Four in the past week, including one callback. Not bad, especially given how deadly slow the industry is this year. I've been so blessed this year with auditions and bookings. It's really quite terrible for me to complain at all. Still, I haven't been on set since last month, and I'm feeling that urge again.

One of my auditions was for a musical. I haven't done a stage show in far too long. It would pay diddly, but I would be on stage again. And, right now, that's tempting enough in itself. But we'll see. I went in, looked good, and sang and acted well, and now it's all up to "them" and their idiosyncrasies. Do I look old enough to be a mom and young enough to be a daughter? Is my hair to long/curly/red? Do I have too much experience in theatre, and not enough in musical theatre? Or is it the other way around? Blah, blah, blah. Walk in, do the best I can do in the moment, and leave it there.

I'm so tired tonight. I'm recovered from school - finally - so it's that good-tired of working hard.


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