Saturday, August 20, 2005

A rough day for puppies...

Today started early with thunder. Crazy insane thunder that sounded like a building exploding in the backyard. I was so frightened, I nearly called 911. Fortunately, I woke up quickly enough to realize that what I heard only came from the sky and not from the herb garden. The puppies freaked out. Desi was barking and whining. Sebastian was shaking and trying to hide under the bed. Two hours later, we crept downstairs for breakfast.

We hit a little quiet time in the morning. I was going to go out for some errands, but my instincts said to stay home. Smart little instincts. This afternoon, we had a thunder storm. And I mean a stoooorm. Pitch black at three in the afternoon. Thunder and lightening all on top of each other. And then, the climax - a power failure. Ninety minutes of pitch black in the middle of the afternoon. Right during Dr. Phil! Needless to say, the puppies were not happy. Desi followed me around when the thunder was going on, but once the electricity was out, he had to be touching me. Sebastian was a furry little basket case. Cabot was in his cage, feathers all puffed up, and no singing or squawking {I have no idea how to spell squawking! Thank you, spell check.} or anything. Sebastian and Desi and I curled up on the couch. I lit candles and watched the storm. Desi sat close and shut his eyes. Sebbyloo lay in my lap, covered in a blanket, shaking. I felt so sorry for them. They were so scared, and I felt like I could provide such little comfort for them. From their point of view, the world was falling apart, and I'm just sitting there, not fixing it. Poor little babies. Eventually, the lights came on, but the thunder has been rumbling ever since. Desi is fine, but Little One is still under the couch. He hasn't eaten any treats or gone outside. Poor little baby. I hate seeing him like this.

Most of the rest of today was spent in quiet work, and tonight I watched the Gaithers on TV. They are now MY homecoming friends. Look, there's Aunt Faye. Oh, that's my friend, Ben. heeheehee! Silly geeky me! But I love it. At one point, I recognized Brock Speer, sitting next to Aunt Faye. My heart skipped a beat and I started to cry. I've never met him, and yet I feel so connected to him. I wanted him to sing a solo so I could hear him, but that didn't happen.

I'm so honoured and humbled by the scholarship. Brock clearly meant so much to his family. When I got the award, they all sang his praises and told me what an wonderful, awesome, kind, sweet man he was. I want them to be proud that they gave the scholarship to me. I want to honour this man. I don't know how exactly. I guess, right now, I'll just keep following this path that God has lead me to. {I know, Mom. Dangling my prepositions.} I have stopped saying, "Please, God" in my prayers. I am trying to say, "Yes, God."

Whatever it is - Yes, God.

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