Sunday, April 26, 2009

Home from the retreat!

Last week, I warned people not to call me today. Judging by my sore throat and the very long nap I took today, it was probably a wise decision.

This morning was another early one. The toile bed was glorious, and the only thing that made crawling out of it worthwhile was the stunning view from the balcony. The lake was calm, one person was fishing, and the birds were just starting their song. I love city living, but I would be really happy with this kind of view every morning.

The only thing on the retreat schedule for today was a Holy Communion service. Kendra was the worship leader, and I joined her on vocals. Because the weather was so stunning, we pulled all the chairs out on the large deck and held the service outside. So stunning! The sun was shining with just a gentle breeze. Instead of a sermon, we were given a time to reflect on the weekend. We sat in a circle, and gave communion to each other.

The music was gentle and spiritual. We did great songs like "As the Deer" and "Knowing You." On "Eat this Bread," I sang alto, and thought of the hundreds of times I sang it with Monika singing that same line.

Lake Barkley is so beautiful, and if I didn't have to work tomorrow, I would pack up Gerald and the puppies and drive us all out there again tonight!

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We puppies allowed!!!!