Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter recovery...

Yes, I've been in Easter recovery all week! Don't get me wrong - last weekend was amazing!

On Saturday, I attended a wonderful Seder meal at Redeemer. Sunday morning, Gerald and I led worship at Harpeth Springs. We planned some great songs for Easter, and we were joined by a great bass player. (We're hoping he'll join us again this Sunday!) I'd given up fast food for Lent so, after church, we broke the Fast Food Fast at Fat Mo's. Anyone who's eaten there knows you need a nap after, but we had to clean the house and glaze the ham! Sunday night, we hosted Easter dinner for 9 people. And before you give Gerald all the credit - I did the cooking!

It was an awesome day, and an incredible week, but I was just thoroughly exhausted after all of it. I had to work Monday morning, and I've just been tired all week. Tuesday I really wanted to nap all day, but Tara and I got all glammed up and headed out to Smyrna for the SGN Awards. It was really a fantastic show, and I got to see lots of friends. To be honest, it was actually a bit of a profound night for me. I don't know that I'm ready to write about it yet, but I may in a little while.

Today was the first day I was really feeling ready to get back to work (creative work, not day-job work), so it ended up being a wonderfully creative day! Gerald and I had a creative meeting this afternoon to discuss my CD and his demos. We try to have these meetings every week or 2. In them, we talk about our creative dreams, and then try to put together the steps to make them come true.

Gerald is developing an 8-song demo package that will be a mix of Christian and country songs. To keep things affordable, not all the songs will use a full band, so we'll probably use several studios to make the different demos. We're hoping to get at least 3 done before our next trip to Canada, and we'll post them online when we get them.

We're in the studio Tuesday to record the tracks for my hymns CD! So excited!! We're recording them right on Music Row, just steps from the hotel where we spent our honeymoon. On the day, we'll record the guitar and the piano, and I'll do a 'scratch' vocal. This basically means I'll sing along to guide Teri and Gerald, but we may not keep it. We'll focus on the musicians as opposed to spending our time getting the perfect vocal. (We'll do vocals at Brian's studio in a few weeks.)

Tonight, I worked on my part of a long distance cowrite. My partner sent me several lyrics, and I chose the one that sounded most Southern. I've written a melody that I think is pretty solid. I recorded a rough acapella verse/chorus (reminder: learn how to use Garage Band) and sent it to him. Hoping he likes it!

There's a lot to do over the next 10 days. In addition to recording next week, I'm also working for Ben, attending Bible study, judging at the TN Fine Arts competition, and leading worship at the Redeemer's women's retreat in Kentucky. Please don't call me next Sunday afternoon - my phone will be switched off!

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