Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Elijah starts tomorrow!

Sleep must be my priority right now, but I also need to write a quick bit to keep track of all that's happening right now.

Big priority: The Elijah Conference starts tomorrow! I've been practicing and prepping and doing my homework. Yes, my homework. We'll be working a lot on segues this week, so we've all been asked to prepare stories, jokes, and Bible references on different themes. I've packed my bag with a Bible, a concordance, CD tracks, extra pens, business cards, and energy drinks.

I finished my "Thinking as a Songwriter" course today. Definitely the most work-heavy course thus far, but very, very good.

I've been doing Christmas booking in the past week. So far, I have six church gigs booked, and I just found out we already have several bookings for seniors homes (these are done through an agent). It's going to be a busy season.

I've arranged an interview with singer-songwriter Mark Bishop for next month's SGM Radio article. Big fan!

In the 'quiet' moments, I've been trying to pay bills, update our SOCAN info, keep up on Shoutlife, book dates for January, work for Ben, have some quiet family time, and prep for a visit from the in-laws this Friday.

It's going to be an intense week. If you're praying kind, please raise one up for us.

And now, on to that sleep...

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