Friday, October 03, 2008

Cafe Classroom

Gerald had a cowrite this afternoon with Rebekah Long. Rebekah's main claim to fame is that she works with me in Ben's office, but in addition, she and her twin, Lizzy, are killer bluegrass musicians. (They did that awesome show with Earl Scruggs and Little Roy Lewis at Stamps-Baxter this summer.) Gerald and Rebekah are working on a signature song for the act, so after dropping him off for the session, I settled into the warm funky atmosphere of an East Nashville cafe.

I spent several happy hours sipping on fluffy caffeinated beverages, tapping away on my pink laptop. I've really been enjoying all the time I've had lately for creative pursuits, including my Song U classes. They've been great for inspiring and encouraging my writing. In light of that, I'd decided to work towards their certification program. There's no extra cost, which is kind of nice. Basically, you can receive certificates in Lyrics or in Commercial Songs. Each has a list of required courses and accomplishments. When you complete these, the moderators will confirm everything and award you the certificate. In a small way, the certificate will be cool. But really, I know I work better when I have a clear goal in mind, so the promise of a certificate will help motivate me to be vigilant in my studies.

At the cafe, I completed two lessons. One was for my "Thinking as a Songwriter" class. I've been away from writing for a couple of months now, so I figured this would be a good choice for inspiring me. I knew it was the right class today when one of the exercises started with, "Visit a cafe and observe ... " My other current class is "Lyrical Contrast". It's starting simple, but I think it'll pick up.

After a few hours of latte bliss, Gerald and Rebekah called me to come over and hear the song. It's sounding really good, and I can't wait to hear it with the whole band.

I also got an email today that our SGM Radio articles are up. You can read my interview with Mitchel Jon here. I've been a fan of Mitchel's since Three Bridges, so it was really cool to learn more about him, his writing, and his influences.

Tomorrow, we're recording a worktape for another songwriter, and I also have to catch-up on my email. I'm horribly behind - I have at least 30 I need to answer. It's been great having some relaxing time lately though, and I refuse to punish myself for enjoying it!

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