Saturday, October 18, 2008

Elijah Conference - Day 4

The last few days have been amazing, both in how quickly they've flown and in how much we've learned.

We didn't have an evening session tonight, which meant we only had the day to finish all the work we'd started. The focus landed squarely on performance coaching. Every time I would start taking notes on some one's performance, the topic would always swing back around to segues - finding them, tweaking them, rehearsing them. It has definitely been the focus of the performance training part of the conference. Because we're all in active ministry, it's like we all took prerequisite courses before class - everyone here knows music, how to breathe properly, and the basics of putting on a show. The lessons here have been advanced and specific, and I think we've all felt stretched by it.

The conference has provided lunch each day, and it's been lovely to sit outside in the fall-ish weather and learn more about each other's lives and ministries. Today, I sat with a quartet singer who has a brilliant mind for marketing and for bringing Gospel music into nontraditional venues. I'm always excited about singing Gospel music in unexpected places, so I just drank in as much info as I could get. Definitely got some new ideas popping around in my brain...

Our one guest lecturer today was the always wonderful, Jack Clark. Jack was my theory teacher my first year at Stamps-Baxter, and he's just brilliant. He spoke to us about the Nashville Number System. I needed this. Lately, there are many times when we step into a church and the music director hands us a chart in 'numbers'. Saying, "We don't get that - we're Canadian." will only last for so long. The class was good, but the real test will be looking at some charts and seeing if my eyes cross.

We finished with more performance training, an impromptu quartet performance of "Hide Thou Me", and lots of prayer. The goodbyes were long and lingering. A group of us had dinner and chatted some more. Business cards and CDs were exchanged. Conversations starting with "we should do ____ together some time" flew between friends.

I'm tired and inspired...

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Love those blogs, Allison. Keep the coming!!! love ya! Jenn Brewer