Thursday, October 20, 2005

An encouraging phone call...

A while back, I sent some songs to a publisher in Nashville. Well, I heard from him today.

We have sent a few emails back and forth, so I knew he was taking time to listen to my songs through several times, and I really appreciated that.

Today, I got a "call of encouragement". This person had a lot a great feedback for me, but mostly, he wanted to tell me that my writing has a lot of potential, and he wants to encourage me to keep writing. He thinks it's awesome that I'm going to Write About Jesus. He's given me several people to look up and spend time with. And, he wants to me to continue to send him my songs. Yay!!!!

I don't really know what I expected to come from this whole thing, but I'm really happy with this phone call. It's great to know that some one in the "big leagues" thinks I have potential and that I'm on the right path to fulfilling that potential. And it's great to know that I have a contact in Nashville who will listen to my music. I'm feeling excited and blessed! Yay!

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