Thursday, October 06, 2005

Artsy business stuff...

It's been a few days of getting artsy business stuff done.

I've booked my first Christmas gig of the season! It's a Victorian carolling gig at the Royal York Hotel. Nice to get an early start on things.

I'm all set up to go to Write About Jesus this month. I have my flight and my hotel. Now, I just need to compile all my song recordings, burn more cds, get Gerald to write up chord charts, pick out what to wear... Maybe I'm not quite "all set up" yet.

I need a new 8x10 headshot, so I had a photo shoot today. It was actually a reshoot, cause I didn't get what I needed the first time around. It was a really relaxed shoot, which is great. And if was pretty efficient cause I knew what I wanted this time. Usually, on this kind of shoot, you bring in lots of clothes and try lots of things to get that magic shot. Since we'd already done that the first time, we could eliminate the search time and just go with the look I liked best. I get the proofs next week. Fingers crossed!

My biggest job in the next few days is assembling music for the gigs I have coming up. Of course, they are all completely different, so there can be no cross-over of songs! *sigh* An artist's work is never done ... thank God!

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