Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Audition day.

Finally, a day with more than one audition!

Today, I had two auditions. Both were for commercials, but at least it's paying work. The first was for Peak Freans. I had to be delighted at finding a crumb on a plate. The next was for Best Buy. I had to be a Victorian Christmas Caroller - type casting? - singing a carol about cordless phones and mp3s. All very silly, but that's what commercial auditions are all about.

I got the proofs from my shoot last week. I'm really happy with them. I need to spend a few days looking at them, getting my whole family to look at them, having my agent look at them, and finally, getting my puppy to look at them. (You really do need as many opinions as possible.) I should have prints by the end of the month. Finally!!!

We had a meeting of the Gospel Vespers committee tonight. Sort of a post mortem for September, and planning for October. This will be a fun one cause our Gospel Choir is the music leader. Boni has asked me to be the prayer leader, and I'm so honoured at the request. She said she asked cause she knows I'll "lead" and not just "speak". *blush* I'm so excited about Gospel Vespers. I love that we're creating a new style of worship. And I'm so impressed that my Dad, who is so close to retirement, is still pushing the boundaries, still creating within his field. Everyone on the Vespers team is so open and positive. What a great base for worship!

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Allison Lynn said...

Hi Jason,

In the Anglican tradition, worship is traditionally based on what is called the Sacraments, and the one we use most often is Holy Communion. Anglican worship tends to involve quiet prayer, lead by clergy, and an air of contemplation. Depending on the individual church, it can be quite formal. The clergy will wear vestments, or gowns, and there is a fair bit of formal procession, especially at the opening, closing, and around the reading of the Gospel.
Gospel Vespers is seeking to break these traditions and find a new way to worship God, involving Gospel music and a relaxed and joyful worship atmosphere. Each service will be based on one story from the Gospel, and this theme will be reflected in the music, prayers, and preaching. We want to have some thing that is accessible to all people. Whether you're a life-long Christian, or a first-time visitor, we would want you to feel welcome and comfortable in the service. Perhaps most importantly, we want this to be a service in which we can try new things - new forms of music, new kinds of preaching, new ways of praying. We want people to come for a time of celebrating a God who is alive in our world today.

Hope this answers your question!
Thanks for visiting!