Wednesday, August 08, 2012

East Coast Tour - Day 5

What a decadent day in Montreal!

We started with another leisurely patio brunch, sitting under a clear sky, and sipping freshly blended juice. Mine was named Pink Perfection, of course.

We wandered and shopped and eventually landed at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. All the permanent collections are free to the public, so we spent hours drifting through the galleries. Medieval, Impressionism, Modern, Naturalism, Realism, sculpture, stained glass, paintings, and wood inlays, and we barely scratched the surface of this impressive collection.

More wandering brought us back to the hotel and a little rest before heading out for the evening. Gerald was in dining bliss as we found place that served 19 different kinds of poutine, and a Montreal smoked meat sandwich the size of two fists. I indulged in one of their 17 varieties of burgers that include buffalo, elk, rabbit, and kangaroo. I kid you not.

We hit an IMAX theatre tonight to watch The Dark Knight Rises. In an early scene, gunfire rings out. With the IMAX sound, you could hear it ringing around the theatre. I couldn't help but flash back to the stories of the Colorado shooting. You can tell why the patrons would have been so confused, thinking the real shots were part of the film. It was a disturbing thought to experience, recognizing the safety we all take for granted.

After the film, we had a glorious late night dessert at the charming Montreal chain, Juliet et Chocolate. This place is known for their creative chocolate concoctions, and their legendary hot chocolates. Their hot chocolate menu actually reads like an extensive wine list, naming the origin of the coca beans, the acidity of the chocolate, and a host of other tasting details. I had a rich, dark chocolate from Peru. It was like sipping a bowl of thick, melted chocolate. The perfect end to a decadent day.

Tomorrow, we hit the road again in earnest. We have 15 hours between us and our next concert on Saturday, so we'll try to get in a few long drives tomorrow and Friday. I've taken some great photos over the past few days but they'll have to wait til tomorrow to get posted.

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