Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hymn Vocals - In the Garden

Sometime during the night, nine-and-a-half pound Dante pushed me to the edge of the bed and my head slipped off my pillow. The result: pain. Lots and lots of pain in my recently injured neck. I stretched and breathed and even took painkillers, but the pain affected the whole day.

My goal for the day was to record my vocals for the remaining songs on my hymns project. We started with "In the Garden", one of my favourites. (Isn't it everyone's favourite?) I'm actually super excited about this one - not only is it a great song, but we're turning it into a duet with me and Allison Speer! Today, I recorded my verses, and tomorrow, she'll do her part. I think it will highlight our strengths, and it's a song written about a woman's experience meeting Jesus, so it seems like a natural choice for a girl duet.

The vocals went well, but by the time we got to "Just as I am", I was feeling awful. The pain had returned. The right side of my neck was tight and aching. I did two takes and Gerald asked if I was okay. I really didn't want to admit anything was wrong, but he could hear it in my voice. I rested a bit and took another painkiller, but there was no point. My voice just wasn't at its best. I was probably aware of the pain too, which affected my focus and energy.

In the end, we decided to finish my vocals tomorrow. That puts a lot on the plate for tomorrow: my vocals, Allison's vocals, and Tara Jackson is coming in the afternoon to do BGVs (background vocals) for 5 songs. I'm already frustrated that this project is so behind schedule. For the most part, I'm dealing with the frustration, but today really got to me. Tonight, I'm taking deep breaths, resting my voice, drinking tea, and preparing for a good night's sleep.

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