Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gerald rocks the Bluebird!

(Posting a day later - very, very, very late night!)

What an amazing night! This is Gerald's 4th Bluebird appearance, and they keep getting better and better. There was such a huge crowd tonight that lots of people never even made it in the front door!

Gerald was 8th on the program, so the crowd was warmed up by the time he got on stage. We opened with "All Her Flowers are Wild", and I say 'we' because I joined him on harmonies. It went well, and the crowd really liked it. I left the stage to return to my sweet potato fries (love 'em!) and Gerald did "Modern Day Outlaw" and "The Last Payphone in the World." He sounded fantastic and the crowd really loved him.

On Sunday nights, they feature 10 new writers and finish the night with a short set by a hit writer. Tonight, in an awesome turn of events, the hit writer was Gerald's mentor and co-writer, Steve Leslie. When the host introduced Gerald, he was able to say that he writes with tonight's hit writer, which totally raised Gerald's street cred. Steve was fantastic, and totally upstaged when he brought out his 8-year-old son to play harmonica and sing a duet with him.

After the show, things got even better. Gerald got lots of great feedback, and several people wanted to write with him. We got to hang out with Steve and some other friends, and we stayed so late we closed the place.

Such an awesome night. So Nashville - so good!

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Wish we could have been there!