Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday, Tuesday, Never Be a Blues Day...

The past few days have been a mix of Triumphs and Trials.

The Triumphs:

- On Friday, I drove on the highways for the first time since the accident. It was stressful, but I felt stronger after I did it.

- I attended a book reading by the brilliant and fascinating Lisa See. Lisa wrote my favourite book of last year, "Snow Flower and the Secret Fan." Her books are set in historical China and they study the intricate relationships between women as mothers, daughters, sisters, friends. At the reading, she spoke about her family's history, how she researches her books, and future writing plans. It was awesome! I'm currently reading her latest book, "Shanghai Girls." Mission trip to China, anyone?

- On Sunday, Gerald and I sang at our former home church, St. John's York Mills. The church is starting to incorporate Praise and Worship music into their service, so we were brought in to lead the congregation and the praise team. The response was overwhelming! Many of these people have known us for years, and they've been hearing me sing since I was a teenager. To hear them say, "You've both improved so much" was awesome because they have a real 'before' and 'after' image of us.

The Trials:

- Gerald and I continue to struggle with the emotional and the practical issues of the accident. We're tired and stressed. I pride myself on being reliable, punctual, and detail-oriented, but these days, I just can't get anything done. I'm missing all kinds of deadlines, and lots of things are slipping through the cracks. I know I need to be gentle with myself, and the people around me are all very understanding, but still, it's frustrating.

- The car hunt continues. We think we have a car, but now it's not for sure, so we're hoping it all gets sorted out tomorrow. Really praying it all works out as planned. I may have a mini-freak-out if we need to start from square one again.

- This accident is really making us re-evaluate everything we're doing. In some areas, this has been a great affirmation, and in other areas, we can see things we want to change. I know this will affect our plans over the next few months, and I imagine there will be many challenges in this.

The Blessings:

- Tomorrow night, we're singing at Gage Park in Brampton. This is a weekly summer festival that usually attracts some great artists. Praying for good weather!

- We've seen so many friends over the last few days. So good to be surrounded by loving hearts!

- We continue to be so grateful for simply being alive. It's an interesting state of mind to be so acutely aware of this most basic, yet mostly unappreciated, aspect of the human condition. It is all at once humbling, frightening, and invigorating.

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