Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Homeward Bound

Well, we're talking about it every day now and we actually can't stop thinking about it so it's probably time to put it in black and white and actually start writing about it:

Gerald and I are moving back to Canada.

In light of our recent accident, this probably won't be a surprise to most people, but the truth is we made this decision a few months ago.

In January, we were utterly convinced that we would renew our visa this year and stay another 3 years. I even put it on my list of 2009 Goals and Resolutions. But when we were in Alabama in March, we got to talking, and we realized our hearts were starting to turn back home. What followed was a month of intense prayer and discussion. We started to look for signs of God's plan for us, and bit by bit, it was revealed, and we couldn't be more excited.

Gerald and I are going to move to back to Toronto, taking all our new Nashville skills with us. We're going to start a new music company that, in the beginning, will encompass the things we do now - concerts, writing, church services, women's ministry, etc - but will eventually branch out into several new areas of live and recorded performance. We've had several brainstorming sessions and we've come up with a good 15-20 ideas we'd like to work on over the next few years.

Now, the accident has had some affect on this decision. How could it not? Our original plan was to move back in November, a little before our visa expires. After our recent visit home, we decided we really want to be home sooner rather than later. So our new moving date is August 10. We want to get back with our families, and moving in August will also allow us to get a running start for September.

Since the accident, the unimportant things have become really unimportant, and the important things have become super important.

The next 2 months (eep! - less than 2 months!) are going to be a whirlwind! I still have to finish my hymns CD, Gerald is recording demos, and Stamps-Baxter starts July 12. We also want to spend lots of time with friends, and try to hit all the places we still haven't visited, like the Frist and Graceland.

I'm excited about this next chapter in our lives together. I'm sad about leaving Nashville - we have some awesome friends here - but we'll visit twice a year, and we're hoping we have a constant stream of Southern visitors bringing us fried chicken, chess pie and red velvet cake!


Anonymous said...

Miles apart, but never far from our hearts! I can understand y'all going HOME! God has a plan for
you & Gerald! We will be excited to see this plan
develop! Wow how exciting! We are coming to
Canada next May...Susan Adams

Anonymous said...

And now we can officially roll out the welcome mat!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow - I certainly understand, but will be sad to know you're gone. May God bless you abundantly in this new chapter, and may He make His way clear to you. Love you! Sandy Forbes

Anonymous said...

So glad to get your news, Allison! You are one of the sweetest people I have met and I regret never having met your husband. You will be GREATLY missed at Stamps Baxter School of Music --- that is unless you are coming as part of your regular visits! God's best to you!
Love, Joyce (and for Harry) Williams

Dan & Nancy Keeton said...

Allison, You will be surprised how much more you can accomplish when you return home. Thinking, "Nashville" will help get things done, in my experience, only clouded my mind a little. Get away and view it from a distance and see how clearer things will become. Maybe it is just being "Home" and around those you love and those who love you.

Keep up the great work and don't be a stranger.